Membrane Description:

Membrane bioreactor (MBR) is the combination of a membrane process like microfiltration or ultrafiltration with a suspended growth bioreactor, and is now widely used for municipal and industrial waste water treatment.

Membrane bioreactors can be used to reduce the footprint of an activated sludge sewage treatment system by removing some of the liquid component of the mixed liquor. This leaves a concentrated waste product that is then treated using the activated sludge process.

Modue NM-MBR-1010
Membrane Materials Polyvinylidene Fluoride ( PVDF )
Membrane fiber shape Hollow fibers
Permeate seal ABS Resin
Seal material Polyurethane Resin
Element dimensions 571×815x45 mm
Pore Size 0.01--0.1um
Microporous average aperture 0.1um
PH Range 2---12
Suited temperature 5-45c
Work pressure 0.02-0.04MPa
Design flow rate 10-20L/m2.h
Dia I / O (mm ) 0.6mm/1.2mm
Filtration Methods Outside-in
Supports UPVC Pipes