Membrane based Sewage Treatment solution

NEYA-MBR process is based on use of Submerged membranes for solid liquid separation. It belongs to Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) family Low Footprint and high reuse quality water treatment are hallmark of Membrane based treatment Design of NEYA-MBR is done to carter Sewage Treatment requirement of single family to full fledge community.

How NEYA - MBR – Membrane works ?

  • In the Bioreactor, clean water gets collected in the hollow fibre cavity,leaving the biomass outside
  • Backwash is regularly applied to prevent clogging (fouling) of hollow fibre membrane
  • High MLSS (6,000 – 12,000 mg/L) => low HRT => small reactor volume => small plant footprint area
  • Biomass separation is independent of settling; separation is via micro filtration or ultra filtration.
  • Biomass is completely retained, TSS (< 1 mg/L) and turbidity (< 1 NTU) is very low.
  • Due to microfiltration or ultrafiltration, NEYA – MBR provides a perfect physical disinfection.
  • Removals:
  • 5-6 log bacteria
    2-3 log viruses
    Complete removal of pathogenic protozoa such as the chlorine-resistant Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

  • Automatic operation, operator requirements are reduced
  • Due to elevated SRTs: less prone to problems associated with nitrification and toxic or less biomass yield => less sludge
  • Due to high MLSS, shock loads can be easily handled
  • Better SRT control since no escape of TSS as occasionally observed from secondary clarifiers
  • Can also remove nitrogen and phosphorus with the addition of anaerobic and anoxic zones
  • Membrane bioreactor
    Membrane bioreactor


    1.Extremely low space requirement Simple construction makes for easy repair and replacement
    2.Custom design and low capital and operation cost makes NEYA - MBR installation in most difficult location easier
    3.There is reduced demand for post treatment chlorination
    4.Low sludge generation compared to conventional treatment process
    5.Treated water quality ideal for Flushing and other non-potable applications.
    6.Plants can be underground, over ground, basement based etc.


    1.Fast delivery and start-up due to the mobile concept
    2.German quality equipment in stainless steel housing
    3.Compact design
    4.High packing density
    5.Effluent with irrigation water qualities (no microorganism, no smell)
    6.Very good price-performance ratio
    7.Low maintenance and minimum operation requirement
    8.Minimum construction work on site and easy to relocate


    NEYA Membrane Systems offers tailor-made membrane bioreactors (MBR) to treat wastewater from different applications:

    1.Municipal wastewater
    2.Educational institutions and healthcare applications
    3.Hotels, labour and refugee camps, parks and military bases
    4.Building complexes (Offices, Shopping Centers, Small Township)
    5.Industrial wastewater, and beverage applications