Established in 2016, Our Company offers Engineering and Contracting services in environment industry with NEYA WATER SOLUTIONS brand specialized in Water Treatment and Recovery. From the First day, our company adopts Offering Innovative, Profitable and Environmental-Friendly Products to its Customers as a Principle and never loses its Devotion and Enthusiasm; Therefore, with your Valuable Support and Confidence, It has Become One of the Leading Companies in the industry.

Being aware of our position and responsibility that we bear, We continue operating by aiming to set the standards in the sector even further. In addition, We have always maintained the most important principle for us: "We offer Profitable, Innovative and certainly Environmental-Friendly Products to our Customers."

Through the years, not only we talked about our projects but we also were awarded by following competent institutions and certified the importance we pay to our business and the quality of our Products.

Why Choose NEYA?

Experience : Our team possesses the extensive ‘first hand’ experience and practical knowledge that is required of today’s wastewater treatment industry, enabling us to select the best equipment and systems for your specific application.

Flexibility : At NEYA, we don’t believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Rather, our flexibility allows us to assess your unique needs and limitations and deliver the most appropriate and cost-effective solution possible—from basic equipment supply to comprehensive plant design and construction.

Strong Client Focus : . Through our broad range of wastewater treatment equipment, systems, reliable service and support, NEYA is dedicated to helping you conserve time, money and energy. We can develop the best solution for your organisation’s needs. If we cannot devise one, we will be candid in our discussions and direct you to an alternative resource.

High Standards of Quality and Safety . All projects at NEYA are carried out under formal quality and safety systems. Our proprietary wastewater treatment equipment is manufactured to ISO9001 standards of safety and design. We recognise the importance of Safety & Quality to our clients and adhere to the strictest of systems.